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      Woman Puff Sleeve Blouse
      England Style Plaid Printe Turn Down Collar Dress
      Polka Dots Printed Short Sleeve Women Dress
      Solid Blue Vintage Swing Dress
      Vintage Halter Top Polka Dot Two Piece Bathing Suit
      Print Bat Mesh Padded Tankini Women Swimsuit Set
      Runway Cotton Retro Swing Umbrella Skirts
      I’m headed to a local vineyard where the 3rd generation winemaker describes her wines as “sophisticated, complex and bold.” Those descriptors demand the prettiest dress I own. Confidence is everything. Cheers to 50's Swing and Red Lips!
      Georgina was wearing this Black and White Gingham Dress today! At lunch, we had been hotly discussing the fashion of the 50's. There were so many things to admire about the era but most important to us? The perfect red lip and timeless femininity!
      Sexy Moon Sun Star Print Lace Up Tummy Swimwear
      Cheeky Cherries embroidered on this 3/4 sleeve sweater is only the start of this cuteness. Paired with your favorite jeans, black patent leather flats and our Cheery Cherry Earrings and you're ready to go. Easy Peasy! Well, in this case Cheeky Cherry.
      A Mermaid on the Shore? Yes, and it's you. A magical, endearing and powerful creature. This is a one piece bathing suit of outstanding features including a flattering waist embellishment and skinny straps.
      Vintage Mori Girl Sweater will have people wondering, "Is she that indie actress that excels at accents and period pieces?" No, just little old me, looking cute in this heather green, cottage core sweater!